1001. A+B Format (20)-PAT甲级真题

Calculate a + b and output the sum in standard format — that is, the digits must be separated into groups of three by commas (unless there are less than four digits).


Each input file contains one test case. Each case contains a pair of integers a and b where -1000000 <= a, b <= 1000000. The numbers are separated by a space.


For each test case, you should output the sum of a and b in one line. The sum must be written in the standard format.

Sample Input

-1000000 9

Sample Output



分析:把a+b的和转为字符串s~除了第一位是负号的情况,只要当前位的下标i满足(i + 1) % 3 == len % 3并且i不是最后一位,就在逐位输出的时候在该位输出后的后面加上一个逗号~

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