1061. Dating (20)-PAT甲级真题

Sherlock Holmes received a note with some strange strings: “Let’s date! 3485djDkxh4hhGE 2984akDfkkkkggEdsb s&hgsfdk d&Hyscvnm”. It took him only a minute to figure out that those strange strings are actually referring to the coded time “Thursday 14:04” — since the first common capital English letter (case sensitive) shared by the first two strings is the 4th capital letter ‘D’, representing the 4th day in a week; the second common character is the 5th capital letter ‘E’, representing the 14th hour (hence the hours from 0 to 23 in a day are represented by the numbers from 0 to 9 and the capital letters from A to N, respectively); and the English letter shared by the last two strings is ‘s’ at the 4th position, representing the 4th minute. Now given two pairs of strings, you are supposed to help Sherlock decode the dating time.

Input Specification:

Each input file contains one test case. Each case gives 4 non-empty strings of no more than 60 characters without white space in 4 lines.

Output Specification:

For each test case, print the decoded time in one line, in the format “DAY HH:MM”, where “DAY” is a 3-character abbreviation for the days in a week — that is, “MON” for Monday, “TUE” for Tuesday, “WED” for Wednesday, “THU” for Thursday, “FRI” for Friday, “SAT” for Saturday, and “SUN” for Sunday. It is guaranteed that the result is unique for each case.

Sample Input:
Sample Output:
THU 14:04

题目大意:福尔摩斯接到一张奇怪的字条:“我们约会吧!3485djDkxh4hhGE 2984akDfkkkkggEdsb s&hgsfdk d&Hyscvnm”。大侦探很快就明白了,前面两字符串中第1对相同的大写英文字母(大小写有区分)是第4个字母D,代表星期四;第2对相同的字符是E,那是第5个英文字母,代表一天里的第14个钟头(于是一天的0点到23点由数字0到9、以及大写字母A到N表示);后面两字符串第1对相同的英文字母s出现在第4个位置(从0开始计数)上,代表第4分钟。现给定两对字符串,要求解码得到约会的时间~



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