LeetCode 760. Find Anagram Mappings

Given two lists Aand B, and B is an anagram of A. B is an anagram of A means B is made by randomizing the order of the elements in A.

We want to find an index mapping P, from A to B. A mapping P[i] = j means the ith element in A appears in B at index j.

These lists A and B may contain duplicates. If there are multiple answers, output any of them.

For example, given

A = [12, 28, 46, 32, 50]
B = [50, 12, 32, 46, 28]
We should return
[1, 4, 3, 2, 0]
as P[0] = 1 because the 0th element of A appears at B[1], and P[1] = 4 because the 1st element of A appears at B[4], and so on.

A, B have equal lengths in range [1, 100].
A[i], B[i] are integers in range [0, 10^5].

题目大意:给两个数组A和B,B是A的同字母异序词,返回一个等长数组P,其中P[i] = j, 表示A的第i个元素在B的第j个元素处,如果有多个答案,返回一个即可~