1172 Panda and PP Milk – PAT甲级真题

PP milk (盆盆奶)is Pandas’ favorite. They would line up to enjoy it as show in the picture. On the other hand, they could drink in peace only if they believe that the amount of PP milk is fairly distributed, that is, fatter panda can have more milk, and the ones with equal weight may have the same amount. Since they are lined up, each panda can only compare with its neighbor(s), and if it thinks this is unfair, the panda would fight with its neighbor.

Given that the minimum amount of milk a panda must drink is 200 ml. It is only when another bowl of milk is at least 100 ml more than its own that a panda can sense the difference.

Now given the weights of a line of pandas, your job is to help the breeder(饲养员)to decide the minimum total amount of milk that he/she must prepare, provided that the pandas are lined up in the given order.

Input Specification:

Each input file contains one test case. For each case, first a positive integer n (≤10^4) is given as the number of pandas. Then in the next line, n positive integers are given as the weights (in kg) of the pandas, each no more than 200. the numbers are separated by spaces.

Output Specification:

For each test case, print in a line the minimum total amount of milk that the breeder must prepare, to make sure that all the pandas can drink in peace.

Sample Input:

180 160 100 150 145 142 138 138 138 140

Sample Output:



The distribution of milk is the following:

400 300 200 500 400 300 200 200 200 300

题目大意:大熊猫,俗称“胖达”,会排队吃盆盆奶。它们能和谐吃奶的前提,是它们认为盆盆奶的分配是“公平”的,即:更胖的胖达能吃到更多的奶,等胖的胖达得吃到一样多的奶。另一方面,因为它们是排好队的,所以每只胖达只能看到身边胖达的奶有多少,如果觉得不公平就会抢旁边小伙伴的奶吃。已知一只胖达每次最少要吃 200 毫升的奶,当另一份盆盆奶多出至少 100 毫升的时候,它们才能感觉到是“更多”了,否则没感觉。现在给定一排胖达的体重,请你帮饲养员计算一下,在保持给定队形的前提下,至少应该准备多少毫升的盆盆奶。



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